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My Mission

My mission is to diagnose and treat individuals with OCD and related issues and to provide the friends and family members of those individuals with the education they will need to better understand OCD and support those they care about struggling with OCD.

Please call or email today, and I will be glad to answer your questions. My phone number is 858-703-7620 or you can contact me here.

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Further Information & Announcements

Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (every year in June, July, August, November, and December we meet the 2nd Friday ONLY7-8:30pm a FREE support group is offered to individuals struggling with OCD and other related disorders, family members of those listed above, as well as any interested professionals. Located at Mesa Vista Hospital's Day Treatment Lounge, (858.278.4110) 7850 Vista Hill Ave. Kearny Mesa, CA.

The 24th annual conference is in San Francisco, CA. Plan to join us on July 6- July 9, 2017. We are looking forward to another great time to meet people and learn more about OCD and those impacted by it. Go to the OCFoundation Website for further information.

I'm so OCD (but are you really?)

Many of us have heard the term “she’s OCD about…” or “I’m so OCD about…”, so I wanted to take time to explore what exactly it means to actually have OCD. Those who really struggle with this disorder often feel misunderstood when others take this disorder so lightly – it diminishes just how devastating the disorder can truly be.

So what is “OCD”? ... to read more click here 

What High School Physics            

Can Tell Us About CBT               

Treatment For Hoarding             



Hoarding as an OCD symptom category has lately been a focus of  increasing attention. Several  books on the subject have recently been  published, local coalitions of mental health and legal entities are  forming  hoarding task forces to help deal with the social impact of hoarding, and  the DSM-V committee is considering moving hoarding to it’s own  diagnostic category as a cousin of OCD rather than as a subset of it. Many would say that it’s about time. Most hoarders live with their places quite cluttered, their living space significantly diminished by accumulated items, and their shame about the condition of their surroundings leading them to become socially isolated. Some of us refer to this as CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Additionally, ... 

to read more click here

How to Choose the Right Behavior Therapist

Choosing the right behavior therapist is a bit like choosing the right suit. There are so many important things that are similar (and all important), that it's worth spending a little time discussing them. And, although I write this with a bit a humor to make it easier to read, I'm every bit as serious about everything I say as you are about getting treatment for your OCD.

         First, when suit shopping, you want to find a good quality suit. Likewise, the person with whom you are going to work one your most difficult issues should be a competent therapist. That means,... to read more click here 

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