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My Mission

My mission is to diagnose and treat individuals with OCD and related issues and to provide the friends and family members of those individuals with the education they will need to better understand OCD and support those they care about struggling with OCD.

Please call or email today, and I will be glad to answer your questions. My phone number is 858-703-7620 or you can contact me here.

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Further Information & Announcements

Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (every year in June, July, August, November, and December we meet the 2nd Friday ONLY7-8:30pm a FREE support group is offered to individuals struggling with OCD and other related disorders, family members of those listed above, as well as any interested professionals. Located at Mesa Vista Hospital's Day Treatment Lounge, (858.278.4110) 7850 Vista Hill Ave. Kearny Mesa, CA.

The 24th annual conference is in San Francisco, CA. Plan to join us on July 6- July 9, 2017. We are looking forward to another great time to meet people and learn more about OCD and those impacted by it. Go to the OCFoundation Website for further information.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)
Emetophobia Resources
Emetophobia Research


Hoarding Brochure

Hoarding Center through the OCFoundation


International OCD Foundation
Family Coach for OCD, Trich, & Skin Picking

IOCDF Southern California Chapter Facebook Page

Professional Sites

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Relationship Blog for Men and Women

Trichotillomania & Skin Picking

Trichotillomania Learning Center

Recommended Books:
For anyone struggling with OCD try:
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Complete Guide To Getting Well and Staying Well by Fred Penzel
For anyone struggling with Obsessive Bad Thoughts try:
The Imp of the Mind: Exploring the silent epidemic of obsessive bad thoughts by Lee Baer
For a parent who has a child who struggles with OCD try:
Freeing Your Child From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Dr. Tamar E. Chansky
For a child who struggles with OCD try:
What to do when your brain gets stuck; A kid's guide to overcoming OCD by Dawn Huebner & Bonnie Matthews
For anyone who has a friend/family member who struggles with OCD try:
Loving Someone with OCD by Karen J. Landsman, Kathleen M. Rupertus, and Cherry Pedrick 

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
For anyone who struggles with Body Dysmorphic Disorder try:
The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Katharine A. Phillips, M.D.

Compulsive 'Habits'
For anyone who struggles with Trichotillomania try:
The Hair-Pulling Problem: A Complete Guide to Trichotillomania by Fred Penzel
For anyone who struggles with bad "habits" try:
The Habit Change Workbook: How to break bad habits and form good ones by James Claiborn and Cherry Pedrick
For anyone who wants better habits try:
The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business by Charles Duhigg


For anyone who struggles with hoarding try:
Buried in Treasures by David F. Tolin

Social Anxiety

For anyone who who struggles with Social Anxiety try:
The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook by Martin M. Antony PhD & Richard P. Swinson, MD

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